Does FiLMiC Pro support bluetooth microphones?

FiLMiC Pro currently supports most bluetooth headsets and microphones utilizing SCO and A2DP profiles.  These devices can be used for recording, as well as monitoring incoming audio while using FiLMiC Pro.

While AirPods and other common bluetooth headsets/microphones can be useful in combination with FiLMiC Pro under many circumstances, it's important be aware of some notable limitations of these devices.

1) By nature, bluetooth devices will exhibit some lag when attempting to live monitor audio.  For this reason, it can be beneficial to turn monitor volume all the way down under some circumstances.  For example, if you are recording your own voice using a bluetooth earpiece, you may want to mute the incoming monitor feed to eliminate distraction while speaking. To do this, simply turn audio monitoring all the way down by using the volume keys on the side of your device.

2) By standard specification, 16 khz is the maximum sample rate supported by all bluetooth microphones we're currently able to support.  If you require 44.1 khz or higher audio sample rates for your video project, you might consider using your device's built-in, external TRRS connected, or supported lightning/USB-C connected microphone when recording audio directly to your FiLMiC Pro footage.