Will saving directly to the Photos app result in quality loss?

At present saving directly to the Photos app should not result in quality loss/compression with the exception of anamorphic footage that has been de-squeezed in FiLMiC Pro - however it is impossible to rule this out from occuring.*

We recommend saving directly to FiLMiC Pro's internal library for the following reasons:

  • We can ensure native quality is preserved in the FiLMiC Library
  • The FiLMiC Library is the only way to maintain the filename encoding from the app. If you copy to the Camera Roll, iOS changes the filename to a nonsensical string of numbers and letters
  • Another strike against the camera roll is that it is an additional point of failure. When copying to or saving to the Camera Roll you have data in transit that if for some reason that operation gets interrupted (low disk space, low battery, incoming call etc.) there is a small chance of it corrupting your footage. iOS 11 also has rare but known permission errors that can prevent clips from copying successfully to the Photos app, resulting in a corrupt clip. As a result we highly recommend saving to the FiLMiC Library.

Remember that you can always copy clips from your FiLMiC Library to the Camera Roll if need be.

* iOS does not currently support the aspect ratio of Anamorphic footage that has been de-squeezed in FiLMiC Pro. In order to save directly to, or copy a clip to the Camera Roll, FiLMiC Pro has to down covert and compress the video for the Photos app to recognise it. As a result you should always save to the FiLMIC Library when shooting Anamorphic video.