Recording Audio in FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro supports audio capture using any of the iPhone’s internal microphones as well as external 3.5mm and compatible lightning microphones.

Audio settings can be configured under Settings > Audio. Here you can specify the input source and recording format and sample rate. FiLMiC Pro will use 48kHz by default as it is the standard sample rate for video production.

If editing in Adobe Premiere Pro we recommend using AAC as your audio format, as Premiere has bugs associated with AIFF and PCM audio.

The audio input gain slider is integrated into the Time Code Medallion on non-notched devices — and into the full height audio meter on notched devices — and can be adjusted by dragging the white line in combination with the VU meter in order to set correct levels:

For best results, we recommend recording a guide track using the iPhone’s internal microphone, and using a dedicated external audio recorder/microphone for your main audio.


  • External microphones should be connected after launching FiLMiC Pro.
  • If a microphone is disconnected during recording it will result in audio sync issues.