Shooting Slow Motion in FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro supports high speed framerate capture (device dependent) ideal for slow motion video, allowing you to create the slow motion in-app, or manually in post-production (recommended).

To set up FiLMiC Pro for high speed capture, open Settings > Framerate.

Running along the top are selectable framerate presets (24, 30, 60 etc). Tapping any of these will set a matching capture and playback framerate which results in real time motion with synchronized sound.

For slow motion video we recommend recording at a matching high-speed capture and playback framerate and performing the slow motion retiming in post-production for the most reliable results.

To calculate your required capture rate for slow motion use this formula:

playback framerate x desired slow-mo factor = capture framerate

For example if you are using a playback framerate of 24fps & you want footage that is 2x slower than realtime: 24fps x 2 = 48fps. Or if using a playback framerate of 30fps and want 4x slow motion then: 30fps x 4 = 120fps.

To create slow motion in the app tap to select a preset based on your delivery framerate (e.g. 24fps for cinema production). Then drag the speed slider to the left to increase your capture framerate incrementally:

When using altered capture/playback framerates, your clip will be recorded without sound and retimed once the recording is ended. As this is an additional processing point that in rare circumstances may fail, we recommend performing any clip retiming in post-production.


  • If a framerate preset is greyed out, it means it is not supported at your currently selected resolution, and will require you to drop down to 1080p or 720p to access it.