Achieving a Shallow Depth of Field with FiLMiC Pro

Shallow depth of field is difficult to achieve on the iPhone’s small sensor and wide lens (28mm equivalent), however this effect is possible when the foreground subject is positioned close to the lens with as much distance between it and the background as possible.

On dual lens devices (7+/8+/X) shallow depth of field can be achieved more easily by utilising the tele lens (56mm equivalent). In FiLMiC Pro it can be selected under Settings > Camera > Tele.

If shallow depth of field comparable with a DSLR is required, the use of an SLR lens adaptor is required. Currently the best available is produced by BeastGrip with 35mm adaptor support available under FiLMiC Pro’s hardware menu:


  • The tele lens has a slower aperture than the wide lens, so does not perform as well in low light (2.4 vs 1.8).