Achieving a 180 degree shutter in FiLMiC Pro

Using the manual exposure arc is the only way to achieve a 180 degree shutter rule in FiLMiC Pro. To access the manual exposure arc either:

  1. Tap and hold on the circular exposure reticle icon to reveal it
  2. Swipe in from the left hand side of the interface
  3. Press the manual controls button in the lower left of the interface

The top numerical value represents your current ISO value, and the shutter speed is directly beneath it.

To achieve the 180 degree shutter rule, adjust the exposure arc until the shutter speed value is double your shooting framerate (at 24fps you will want 1/48th). Once set, tap the shutter speed value once to lock it (it will turn red).

Now any adjustments made using the manual arc slider will affect ISO only. You can now close the manual arc slider if needed, and your exposure settings will remain locked. If you need to make changes whilst maintaining a locked shutter speed value, use any of the above three methods to reveal the manual arc.


  • Your 180 degree shutter will be lost if you exit/reopen the app, or tap to unlock the exposure reticle.
  • For optimal results set this value as low as possible to avoid noise (between 22-40 if possible), and use an ND filter in bright conditions.
  • Shutter speed/ISO values cannot be saved in a preset.