Saving Custom Presets in FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro includes a preset system that makes it easy to save & load the following three attributes:

  1. Resolution (resolution, quality and aspect ratio)
  2. Framerate (capture and playback framerate)
  3. Audio (format and sample rate)

To save a preset:

  1. Select your recording resolution and quality under Settings > Resolution (use FiLMiC Extreme for highest quality)
  2. Select your framerate under Settings > Framerate
  3. Select your audio format and sample rate under Settings > Audio
  4. Open Settings > Presets > Save Current Settings as Preset
  5. Name your preset, and tap Save

When a preset is selected in will have a tick next to it. You can save multiple presets and quickly switch between them. For example, this is ideal for switching between realtime and slow motion framerate settings.

To delete or rename a preset swipe from right to left over it:

If you are shooting with multiple devices, you can sign up for a free FiLMiC Sync account which will allow you to sync your saved presets to multiple devices signed in under the same account.


  • Outside of the resolution; framerate; and audio attributes specified above, all other settings need to be manually enabled and checked before recording.
  • FiLMiC Pro will always load the last used preset by default when you launch the app.
  • You can quickly confirm your shooting resolution and framerate by checking the info field in the timecode medallion.