Working with White Balance in FiLMiC Pro

By default FiLMiC Pro will set white balance automatically which may result in color shifts occurring over the course of a recording. White balance can however be locked & manually configured using the White Balance Adjustment Matrix within the Imaging Panel.

To access it, tap the imaging button in the lower left (three overlapping colored circles):

By default the AWB icon will be blue, indicating that it is currently in auto mode and will dynamically respond to lighting changes in your scene. To lock the current value, tap once so it turns red. Now FiLMiC Pro will not respond to changes in the scene.  If you tap the AWB icon again, you'll notice it turns orange to indicate that White Balance Auto-Lock is now enabled.  When this is enabled, white balance will adjust automatically until a recording is initiated.  While the device is recording, white balance will remain fixed in place until the recording is complete.  Tapping the AWB icon again will cycle back to full auto mode as indicated by the blue AWB icon.

If shooting under controlled lightning, the ability to manually set and save white balance values for instant recall in FiLMiC Pro can be easily achieved. Drag vertically in the white balance matrix view to adjust the kelvin value in increments of 50. Use the tint slider to accurately set your tint value:

To save your current values as a reloadable preset, tap and hold on either ‘A’ or ‘B’ and choose to ‘Save current values to preset’. Your custom white balance preset can now be loaded with a single tap.