Where are FiLMiC Pro videos stored on my Android device?

FiLMiC Pro currently offers two storage location options for compatible Android devices.

Option 1:  By default, videos are saved to internal device storage at the following location and cannot be changed to a custom internal storage location:  /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/FiLMiC Pro/xxxxx.mp4

Option 2:  If your device supports SD Card storage, you may choose to save videos directly to SD Card by completing the following steps..

-Make sure your SD Card is properly inserted

-Open the Settings Panel within FiLMiC Pro

-Tap the 'CMS' button within the Settings Panel

-Then use the right-facing arrow button at the top of the menu to select 'External Storage'

Once 'External Storage' is selected, recorded clips will now be saved directly to your SD Card in the following location: sdRoot/DCIM/FiLMiC Pro (Note: If your device is using Android 9, please check SD/Android/data/com.filmic.filmicpro/files/DCIM/FiLMiC Pro instead)

NOTE: When capturing high bitrate video with FiLMiC Pro, it's recommended to use an SD card capable of adequate write speeds to ensure your files are saved properly. If your SD card is faulty or doesn't support write speeds up to approx. 60MB/s, your footage may exhibit dropped frames or data corruption.  Furthermore, some varying limitations apply when recording clips that exceed 4gb in size. Under some circumstances, the recording may stop automatically when the 4gb maximum is reached. This limitation is designed to ensure that no data is lost when files are divided into 4gb segments as per Android specification.