How to import clips from FiLMiC Pro v7 into Filmic Pro v6 Legacy

If you would like to import the clips stored in Filmic Pro v7 into Filmic Legacy (previously FiLMiC Pro v6, and made available to all filmmakers who purchased Filmic Pro prior to August 25th 2022) please follow these steps:

1. Open the Files app on your iOS device.

2. Select ' Browse' > 'On My iPhone/iPad' > 'FiLMiC Pro'

3. Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner and choose ' Select'

4. Select all the clips you wish to move to the Filmic Legacy library

5. Tap the ' Folder icon' in the bottom row, and navigate to 'On My iPhone/iPad' > 'FiLMiC Legacy'

6. Tap ' Move'

Your clips have now been successfully moved from Filmic Pro v7 to Filmic Legacy and can be accessed from within Filmic Legacy's library.

*Please note: only clips recorded with previous versions of Filmic Pro v6 are available to move to Filmic Legacy via this process. Any new clips recorded with v7 of Filmic Pro can only be exported with a valid subscription plan.