Custom Fn Button

No two filmmakers are the same, and we recognise that the top level features available in the main interface need to be customisable. Filmic Pro v7 allows filmmakers to map their favourite feature to the Custom Function Button for lighting fast access in the main UI.

The custom Fn button allows you to map one of dozens of functions to the main UI for easy access.

After a clean install of Filmic Pro v7, a single tap is required on the Fn button in the upper right corner of the interface to access the custom fn picker. From here, you can either select one of the suggested functions or access the full functions menu by tapping on the + symbol on the upper left hand corner.

After mapping your first custom function, a single tap of the Fn button will enable/disable the mapped function. To pick a new custom function, long-press on the Fn button to reveal the custom fn picker. You can also reset the custom function to default by tapping the blue reset button below the panel.

The available custom functions are:

Shooting Mode

  • Reticle Mode
  • Center-Weight Mode
  • Manual Mode


  • Focus Assist
  • Thirds Guide
  • Diagonal Guide
  • Cross Guide
  • Broadcast Safe Guide
  • Hide Interface
  • Disable Preview

Live Analytics

  • Reactive Analytics
  • Zebras
  • False Color
  • Focus Peaking

Lens (available lenses depends on the device)

  • Ultra Wide
  • Wide
  • Tele
  • Selfie

Camera Controls

  • WB Lock
  • HDR
  • Standard Stabilization
  • Cinematic Stabilization
  • Cinematic+ Stabilization


  • 1.33x Anamorphic Desqueeze
  • 1.55x Anamorphic Desqueeze
  • Horizontal Flip
  • Vertical Flip


  • Torch Low
  • Torch Medium
  • Torch High

Library & Settings

  • Settings
  • Library
  • Play Last Clip

Quick Action Modals

  • Gamma QAM
  • Lens Picker QAM
  • Live Analytics QAM
  • Remote QAM
  • Shutter Speed QAM
  • White Balance QAM