What's New in Filmic Pro v7.2

Hi filmmakers! Welcome to our v7.2 feature release! This update includes three new powerful features:

— Show Touches — 

• You can now display touch visualizations in Filmic Pro! 

• Show Touches is available under the new ‘Interface’ settings menu. 

• Once enabled, you can specify your preferred touch color and size! 

• Designed for educators and tutorial creators who want their audience to be able to easily follow along.

— Focus Assist —

• Perfect focus has never been easier with our new focus assist feature. 

• Enable focus assist under the Settings > Interface menu. 

• You have three magnification levels to choose from (2x/3x/4x) 

• When enabled, focus assist will apply an automatic digital crop to the center of the frame at your chosen magnification level when you make an adjustment using the manual focus slider. It will automatically disengage after you stop making a manual focus adjustment.

— Framing Guide Suite — 

• All new ‘Show Framing Guide’ is available under the ‘Settings’ > ‘Interface’ menu. 

• When enabled, in addition to a thirds framing guide you can now select:
• Diagonals framing guide
• Crosshair framing guide
• Broadcast safe framing guide 

• And choose a color that works best for your scene.

— Oh, and there are lots of minor bug fixes and performance optimisations included too!

As always we really hope you enjoy this update. If you have any questions you can contact us by writing to support@filmicpro.com — and if you enjoy filming with Filmic Pro please leave us a positive review on the App Store.