What's New in Filmic Pro v7.3

Welcome to our v7.3 feature release which transforms Filmic Pro into the most customisable cinema camera on iOS and Android! Create your own unique button layout to ensure the tools you need are just a tap away.

— Expanded Custom Fn Button Support — 

• Now every viewport button on wide aspect devices can act as a custom function button! 

• This means you have 6 customisable custom function buttons available to create the perfect button layout for your shooting needs. 

• Long press any of the viewport buttons to change its functionality. 

• We’ve added a new QAM category under the custom function list view too. 

• You can always reset to the default button layout by tapping the new ‘reset’ button located at the bottom of the custom function picker (accessed by long-pressing on any viewport button).

— Brand New Changelog — 

• Thanks to our amazing colleagues at Bending Spoons, we now have a beautiful changelog that is based on the one available in the incredible Splice app. It will display after each update with links to more information on any new features included in a release. 

• If you want to show the changelog at any point, just open Settings ~ Information and tap on the version number.