What's New in Filmic Pro v7.3.1

Hi filmmakers! Welcome to our v7.3.1 update which includes full support for the DJI Osmo Mobile 6, along with some other tasty enhancements.
— DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Support —
• Pair with your OSMO Mobile 6 under Settings > Hardware > DJI Osmo Mobile.
• Use the rear trigger to progress through four capture modes.
• Turn the all new side-wheel to pull focus.
• Click the side-wheel to switch between targeting focus or zoom.
• Press the switch button to change between front and rear cameras.
• Full tutorial on our Youtube Channel.
— Latency Free Preview (iOS only) —
• Under Settings > Interface menu, you can now enable a Latency Free Preview for use with Cinematic and Cinematic+ stabilization.
• When Cinematic or Cinematic+ plus is selected as your stabilization level and Latency Free Preview is enabled, we deliver a latency free live preview. However, live analytics, gamma curve and film look emulation previews are unavailable (your gamma curve or film look is still recorded, you just can’t preview it).
• Use Latency Free Preview when real time preview is more important than live analytics or the ability to preview your chosen film look or gamma curve.
— Disable Swipe for Manual Controls —
• Available under the Settings > Interface menu, you can now disable the ability for swipes from edge of preview to reveal/hide the manual sliders.
• If you find yourself accidentally revealing the manual sliders via a swipe, you can disable this functionality now.
• And if you didn’t know you could reveal the manual sliders by swiping from the edge of the live preview in towards the center of the screen - well now you know!
— Oh, and there are lots of bug fixes and performance optimisations included too!
As always we really hope you enjoy this update. If you have any questions you can contact us by writing to support@filmicpro.com — and if you enjoy filming with Filmic Pro please leave us a positive review on the App Store.