What's New in Filmic Pro v7.4 LUT support

Welcome to Filmic Pro v7.4. This is a major release that includes an incredible new feature: LUT import!

— LUT Import —

You can now import up to 7 .cube LUT files into Filmic Pro on iOS, and 8 LUTs on Android, and apply them in the preview only or burn them into the final recording.

The Imaging Panel is home to the new LUT pane which is designed for LUT file management. Tap on one of seven empty slots to load a LUT located on your device via your smartphone’s file browser. It also offers the ability to nickname, replace, or remove a LUT.

For lightning fast application of your LUTs Filmic Pro now includes a brand new LUT Quick Action Modal (QAM) which can be assigned to any one of your six custom viewport buttons. From here you can quickly switch between LUTs, choose between preview only or burn-in application, and when in preview only mode you can access a visualization suite which lets you preview your applied LUT in side-by-side or diagonal split screen.

This opens up new and exciting possibilities for smartphone filmmakers:

  • Capture in Filmic Pro’s flat and log gamma curves while displaying a rec709 normalization LUT in the preview only to ensure you get perfect results.
  • With FilmConvert and Cinematch now offering full support for the iPhone 14 Pro and LogV3+, you can export camera matching profiles or film emulations from these plugins as LUTs and apply them in Filmic Pro.
  • Create a unique aesthetic by applying your favorite LUTs and burning them into the final recording to accelerate your capture workflow.

iOS supports .cube up to 64pt and up to 65pt on Android.