What's New in Filmic Pro v7.5

Welcome to Filmic Pro v7.5. This major release integrates Filmic Remote directly into Filmic Pro, eliminating the need for two separate apps to be installed on your device! Filmic Remote functionality is now included in your Filmic Pro subscription. 

In addition to Remote now be integrated into Filmic Pro, it has been rewritten from the ground up to offer lower latency and higher quality video streams when connected via WiFi making it the most powerful remote control experience yet.

— Filmic Remote Roles —

  • The updated Remote QAM in Filmic Pro v7.5 will let you select one of two device roles: Remote Control or Satellite Camera.
  • Selecting the Remote Control role will launch Filmic Remote from within Filmic Pro, and allow you to connect to a second device acting as a Satellite Camera via the redesigned connection screen. Once connected to a Satellite Camera, you get a unique Remote Control QAM.
  • Selecting the Satellite Camera role will allow your device to be discoverable from a second device acting in the Remote Control role.
  • — Filmic Remote Settings —
  • You can also enable Filmic Remote and specify your device role under the Settings > Device Menu.
  • Here you get access to powerful sub-menus depending on your device’s role.
  • If your device role is set to Remote Control, you can choose to optimize the video stream for either lower latency or higher quality. In addition you can choose how device orientation is handled.
  • If your device role is set to Satellite Camera, you can opt to make your device available for remote control or monitor only. You can also rename your satellite camera in order to make it easier to identify from the Filmic Remote connection screen.
  • As always we really hope you enjoy this update. If you have any questions you can contact us by writing to support@filmicpro.com — and if you enjoy filming with Filmic Pro please leave us a positive review on the App Store.