Unlicensed APK: I Can't Open FiLMiC Pro

Google requires your paid license to be authenticated when launching FiLMiC Pro for the first time.  This can also be the case for some subsequent updates and clean installations of FiLMiC Pro, even if your license was successfully authenticated in the past.  In most cases, you can successfully work through this authentication error by making sure your device has an active data or wifi connection.  Once a connection is properly established, tap Retry and this will allow Google to authenticate your paid license properly.  Once your paid license is properly authenticated, you'll be ready to start using FiLMiC Pro.

If you are still unable to open the application due to license authentication issues, please try the following steps in an attempt to repair the problem.

1) Backup your FiLMiC Pro footage using Android File Transfer or Something Similar (Where are FiLMiC Pro videos stored on my Android device?)

2) Go to System Settings>Apps>FiLMiC Pro>Storage and tap Clear Data

3) Uninstall FiLMiC Pro

4) Then, go to System Settings>Apps>Google Play Store>Storage and tap Clear Data

5) Restart your device or update your Android OS if an update is available

6) Go back to the Play Store and make sure you are logged in with the same credentials you used to purchase FiLMiC Pro in the past,

7) Install FiLMiC Pro

8) Make sure your devices has an active data or wifi connection, then open FiLMiC Pro. (NOTE: Once Google has verified your license upon initial launch of FiLMiC Pro, subsequent launches of FiLMiC Pro will NOT require data/wifi network connection for approximately one month)

If you believe an error has occurred with your Google Play Store credentials and it is preventing successful authentication of your FiLMiC Pro or Cinematographer Kit license, please contact Google Play Support HERE.