What is included in the Firstlight premium member subscription?

The Firstlight photo app offers free access to a compelling set of features that provides an enhanced photo shooting experience for photographers of all skill levels.  To capture the full potential of Firstlight we would recommend you consider subscribing as a premium member. 

Firstlight premium members are much more than subscribers, they are part of the FiLMiC family and community of creatives. Members will get a host of advanced functionality as well as new film simulations rolled out on regular intervals, along with in depth education materials that elevate the artistic potential of all members regardless of skill level. 

Premium members have access to:

- Shutter and ISO priority modes for maximum creative expression and sport shooting capability: In addition to AE you can set specific Shutter Speed or ISO values to adhere to and let the app automatically adjust exposure for the unlocked value.  

- Expanded film simulation options: Premium members will be the first to sample the majority of Firstlight’s non stop parade of innovation. More realistic film simulations and more to be added in the future for paid subscribers.

Film grain: Fine, coarse and ISO adaptive options in addition to medium.

Adjustable vignette: Low and heavy options in addition to medium.

- Configure burst mode with additional options for slow and fast burst rate.

- Anamorphic adapter support: Attach your Moondog anamorphic lens or any other 1.33x Anamorphic smartphone lens to capture gorgeous wide aspect photos.

- RAW: DNG and TIF formats for full control over your photo edit. (note: Film simulations are not supported in Raw formats)

- Custom Function button:  Assign your favorite Firstlight setting to the custom function button to quickly access it from the main screen.  Do you switch photo formats or aspect ratios frequently? Do you shoot in burst mode or with countdown timer often?  All of these options and more can be configured for the custom button.

- Custom live analytics:  Adjust the colors and sensitivity for focus peaking and zebra stripes to personalize your process for dialing in focus and exposure.

- Embedded copyright:  Set your copyright info in the app and it will be encoded in the exif data for the photo. 

Innovation has been a hallmark of FiLMiC Pro, year after year, and we look forward to bringing that same level of commitment and inspiration to the vanguard of mobile photography. Won’t you join us!?