What is included for free with Firstlight?

The Firstlight photo app offers free access to a compelling set of features that provides an enhanced photo shooting experience for photographers of all skill levels.  We think that most photographers will be drawn to the clean interface and intuitive controls to dial in exactly the shot they want to get.

All Firstlight customers have access to the following features, even without our premium member subscription:

- Fast, intuitive focus and exposure controls: Tap the screen to set focus/exposure, tap again to lock
- AE Mode: Included is our proprietary Auto Exposure mode for setting shutter/iso combination
- Cross-swipe manual controls: The most intuitive way to manually adjust focus and exposure. Swipe across the image to dial in your perfect shot. Swipe up and down to adjust exposure. Swipe left and right to adjust focus.
- Reactive analytics: A foundation feature of FiLMiC Pro and now in a photo app. Manually adjusting your focus and exposure will automatically apply focus peaking or zebra stripes to make sure you get your shot just right.
- RGB Histogram: Dynamically shows the exposure profile of the image across all color channels.

- Vintage film simulations: The magic of Firstlight is in our realistic tributes to authentic film stocks.  A range of film simulations are included for free with the app.

- Film grain: Apply natural looking film grain effects to give your photos that ‘film look’.  Medium grain is included as a free option.  
- Vignette: Apply a subtle dark vignette to your image.  Medium vignette is included as a free option.
- Lens selector: Quickly switch between all available lenses on your device.  Go from tele to ultrawide with the tap of a finger.  (Note:  camera/lens support is device specific).
Additional professional camera features included for free with Firstlight:
- Burst mode
- Timer
- Flash
- Grid overlays
- Aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 5:4
- Expanded shadow detail
- JPG or HEIC Selection
- HDR control (for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr and newer devices only)
- Volume button shutter and support for most bluetooth camera shutter remotes
- FiLMiC Pro quick launch button (for owners of FiLMiC Pro)