What is FiLMiC Firstlight?

See, feel, create

Introducing Firstlight, the photo app from the makers of Filmic Pro. We set out to create an app for creators, in which personal artistry is served by computational photography, not the other way around.

We took our time to get it right. 

Firstlight, which began as an innovation lab, and then a DSLR clone, became something faster, nimbler, more intuitive when two dozen of the world’s best mobile photographers told us in our extended beta period that they wanted all the power without the knobs and dials, to get the shot without thinking about it. Firstlight’s streamlined UI simplifies the state-of-the-art tech powering it. For us technology serves art. While Firstlight uses FiLMiC Pro’s patented responsive analytics, our new proprietary live film simulations, and adaptive, organic film grain, it presents all this capability in a streamlined, user-friendly experience to make mobile photography immediate, artistic, and emotive.

Firstlight helps you visualize the picture that you want to create; the story that you want to tell; to represent, not so much what you see, but what you feel. We love using Firstlight!  We loved developing our take on a still camera and look forward to bringing you years of continued innovation and refinement. We hope you like it too.